30. March 2020

boundless video player

Today I released boundless video player, a side project I’ve been tinkering on over the fast few months:


08. November 2019


Netflix Hack Day - Fall 2019 has now passed and I used this occasion to further my skills with ReactJS and CSS. I also wanted to take this opportunity apply the My80sTV concept to Netflix :)


10. November 2018

Soundtrack Streamer

Netflix Hack Day - Fall 2018 recently passed and as always it was very fun to participate. I decided to use this occasion to build a ReactJS streaming app that connects with a back-end database ( in this case PSQL )


01. June 2018

Road Trips Reenacted

Multi-Video Synchronization with FFmpeg

Synced roadtrip from Paris, Texas

Over the last winter break I spent time archiving an old collection of camcorder tapes to hard drive. Most of the recordings were just randomly-captured silly moments of yesteryear, but one particular set of videos caught my attention: a few scenic joyrides across the familiar streets and neighborhoods of my hometown (Paris, Texas 🤠) in 2003.